Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Who Is Behind the TBBP Initiative?

Thornton Beach Bluff Preserve is a rapidly growing group of concerned citizens (Daly City residents, Bay Area, CA), open space advocates, conservationists and other community members who use the bluff for recreation (horseback riding, fishing, hiking, dog walkers, surfers, paragliders/sailors etc.). We are an all-volunteer group founded in 2016 that started with a 3-person group that has now grown into a large community advocacy group with a 10 person Organizing Committee. 

For a list of the over 425 TBBP supporters in San Mateo County who live in Daly City, please see Daly City Supporters as of 7-15-2021. For a complete list of our over 1900 Bay Area signatories, please email us.

What Are Your Objectives?

We believe the highest and best use of this land is for recreation, maintained as open space and we are committed to working with the land owners, Daly City and other private and public sector groups to help make that happen. Our vision is to expand recreational and educational activities for Daly City residents and visitors of all ages.